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The Perfect Push Normalize Breastfeeding Campaign 2015

In Washington State, over 90% of women start out breastfeeding compared to the national average of just over 79%. Unfortunately, only 64.2% of women to continue to breastfeed at 6 months and 35.3% at 12 months.

The Perfect Push kicked off World Breastfeeding Week by sharing real photographs of women breastfeeding. These photographs were taken by the amazing Angela Carlyle The Perfect Push did this in an effort to#normalizebreastfeeding and start an honest conversation about hot-topics such as nursing in public, and those not often discussed, like extended breastfeeding and tandem nursing. Many of you have been very supportive, THANK YOU! However, we have also been told that the images were “disgusting” and we had some of our ads denied by Facebook for ” featuring an image containing excessive amounts of skin or suggestive content.” As the corporate world, Target, Netflix, IBM, and Microsoft begin to notice the importance of creating an environment that allows parents to thrive, it is our hope that we as a people become more tolerant and respectful of family structures and parenting choices that are different from our own.

The Perfect Push Normalize Breastfeeding Campaign 2015
There is no argument that#breastisbest, however, we maintain that the decision to or not to breastfeed, and for how long, is a very personal one. Our goal is to help every parent make an informed decision and provide the support they need to thrive. Without a doubt, with more understanding and support, we can change Washington State’s breastfeeding statistics for the better.

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!!!

Photocredit: Angela Carlyle




The Perfect Push team is just the best!! I’m pregnant with baby number two and I had the worst case of morning sickness, well, more like ALL DAY sickness. I took advice from well meaning family and fr…

Cee. M

Angela is a fabulous photographer. She is easy to be around with her laid-back personality and has a way of making those around her feel comfortable. She is very professional with a tremendous amount …

Misti O

It was a pleasure to work with The Perfect Push
Rue was available for us at all sorts of hours to help with questions and advice. From baby products for my shower to lactation, baby rash, feeding an…

Lillian. K

Love Perfect Push and everything they stand for! They support ALL mothers in their birth and parenting choices.

Jenny Williams