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All classes will be specific to your chosen/preferred method of delivery and customized to meet your specific needs. All Natural and Medicated childbirth classes will have appropriate content on cesarean section delivery.

Childbirth Classes

Our classes are held privately in the comfort of your own home. They will be customized to meet your specific needs, chosen/preferred method of delivery and time frame. Prior to starting classes you will have a FREE 1hour consultation where we will get to know you better and get all the information we need to create the PERFECT class and experience for you.

Prepared Parenting classes

We at The Perfect Push appreciate that there is more than one way to have a baby and are there are many different family structures. So whether you are adopting a newborn or a toddler, delivering via surrogate or are two dads, we are committed to giving you the care and support you deserve.

We are excited to be the only providers offering the RealCare Baby 3, infant simulator experience where, you, as parents to be, take home our baby Zoe and provide her with round the clock care.

Zoe engages users by:

This electronic baby simulator holds users accountable by tracking, measuring and reporting on:


Though the RealCare experience will be available for all our clients we highly recommend it for our first time parents and prepared parenting classes.

Push support

A labor and delivery nurse will be by your side supporting and advocating for you, allowing you and your partner to immerse yourselves in the moment. Let us worry about your birth wishes, taking pictures and/or videos and the coffee run. There is no task too big or small.

Liquid Gold Lactation support

A lactation consultant will work with you during your pregnancy, immediately after your delivery and every step of way after you get home, to make sure you realize your breastfeeding goals.

Postpartum and Newborn support

Allow us to check-in on you and make the transition of having a newborn in your home that much smoother. Our registered nurses and nurse practitioners will follow you home to ensure both you and your precious baby are thriving within 72hrs of your discharge. We will also send a report of our visit to your pediatrician and OB-Gyn.

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Love Perfect Push and everything they stand for! They support ALL mothers in their birth and parenting choices.

Jenny Williams

Angela is a fabulous photographer. She is easy to be around with her laid-back personality and has a way of making those around her feel comfortable. She is very professional with a tremendous amount …

Misti O

I attended a q and a session with Rue from the perfect push. I found it very informative and helpful for me. I will definitely be using their services when I deliver in October.

Adina Wolodarsky

It was a pleasure to work with The Perfect Push
Rue was available for us at all sorts of hours to help with questions and advice. From baby products for my shower to lactation, baby rash, feeding an…

Lillian. K