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Angela is a fabulous photographer. She is easy to be around with her laid-back personality and has a way of making those around her feel comfortable. She is very professional with a tremendous amount of training and talent for photography. She effortlessly brought out the best in our family during our shoot, and I would certainly use her again for family photos or a photo session with my son. It was a pleasure having her in our own home environment while she took pictures of us. She also got back to us with a sneak-peek of photos in a timely manner, and the little bit of editing she did really made them professional. It’s obvious that she’s passionate about her work.

Misti O

Love Perfect Push and everything they stand for! They support ALL mothers in their birth and parenting choices.

Jenny Williams

I attended a q and a session with Rue from the perfect push. I found it very informative and helpful for me. I will definitely be using their services when I deliver in October.

Adina Wolodarsky

It was a pleasure to work with The Perfect Push
Rue was available for us at all sorts of hours to help with questions and advice. From baby products for my shower to lactation, baby rash, feeding and everything in between. I was having my second baby 8.5 years after my first, so felt like a new mom, it is amazing how much has changed.
Having someone who’s been through the experience was a huge bonus. Most of the things I was going through Rue had been through instead of guessing or speculating.
Angela was amazing to work with for our photo shoot. Her patience working with the baby and me being on the baby’s schedule was much appreciated. And her pictures are oh so wonderful. Definitely the best shoot I’ve ever had.
I highly recommend The Perfect Push in all things baby.
Thank you Rue& Angela!!

Lillian. K

The Perfect Push team is just the best!! I’m pregnant with baby number two and I had the worst case of morning sickness, well, more like ALL DAY sickness. I took advice from well meaning family and friends and loaded up on ginger, crackers, peppermint you name it and nothing seemed to help, so I decided to call the professionals. I got in touch with Rue at The Perfect Push. Rue patiently walked me through all my symptoms and explained all the changes that are going through my body that were causing the nausea and vomiting. Rue suggested a vitamin regimen that CHANGED MY LIFE! I felt relief just 30 minutes after taking the first dose! Just 30minutes!!!!! An hour later, I had my first decent meal in months and have felt good since. Thank you to The Perfect Push team for giving me my life back! I’ll definitely be using your services again!

Cee. M

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