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Jen Hamilton

Jen Hamilton
Director of Doula Services

I grew up surrounded by a large extended family and as long as I can remember, I was snuggling a baby if there was one near by. I graduated from college with a BS in Human Development, hoping to turn my passion and talent for caring for others into a career. I spent several years each in the fields of medical office management and Early Childhood Education, with an eye toward eventually working, somehow, in the field of childbirth. I love supporting families in so many different ways and situations!

I personally had three wonderful births that were each quite different from each other, and not one of them unfolded the way I thought they would. That brought clearly into focus the idea that ANY birth can be magical as long as families: have a care team they trust, can embrace the flexibility that birth requires, and feel empowered in their decision making. I have carried these lessons forward with me into my doula career, joyfully supporting 100+ families from all sorts of backgrounds through the twists and turns along their birth journeys. When I’m not at a birth, I serve as a mentor and trainer for new doulas and as an officer on the PALSDoulas board.

In my non-work life, I am: Mama to 3 smart, funny, and interesting humans (daughter, age 20; son, age 17; and trans* non-binary kiddo, age 18); partner to a kind, gentle, brilliant husband; straight-passing queer person; snuggler of 2 dogs, 6 urban chickens and an elderly ball python; organic gardener; coffee, bourbon and beer snob; reader of whatever I can get my hands on when I have 5 minutes; car karaoke dance-party starter; feminist, activist, and oppressive systems dismantler; foodie; builder of both community and structures; equal-opportunity chocoholic; daughter, sister, auntie, cousin, friend; lover of life; traveler; adventurer.

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