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Jenna North

Jenna North

Office Manager

Originally from the East Coast in Pittsburgh, PA, Jenna has spent the past several years living and travelling abroad with her husband before setting roots and starting a family here in Redmond, Washington.

From a young age, Jenna devoted a tremendous amount of time volunteering and helping others from various different ages and backgrounds around the world. She has grown through these encounters and experiences which led her into helping people become the best versions of themselves in both mental and physical health through personal training as well as financial wellness through personal banking.

Though health and fitness is her passion, after having her daughter it opened her eyes to other areas in which she can help others which also enabled her to have more time devoted to her own family. Joining The Perfect Push has given her the ability to be a part of something that has such a huge impact on shaping the foundation of happy healthy babies and parenting which has been immensely rewarding.

Outside of work, Jenna loves getting outdoors to go hiking with her family, hitting up the gym, scuba diving, trying new things, and still loves to travel whenever she can.

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