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Mariana Graciano

Mariana Graciano

Postpartum Doula working through her certification at NAPS On the way to be certified as breastfeeding specialist

Mariana is a trained postpartum Doula pursuing her certification at NAPS; she’s also training as a breastfeeding specialist and is a married mother of two. She is from Brazil were she worked as a behavior therapist for more than 24 years. She’s been in Seattle since February of 2019 and in the last year worked as a teacher for toddlers at Bright Horizons Preschool. So even if she doesn’t have a lot of experience as a postpartum Doula she has a background that capacitate’s her to be a good choice for you already.

As postpartum Doula Mariana main goal is to support parents/families at such a life change period. Beyond the emotional and physical support , she’s very good at meal prepping and will be glad to prepare some home cooked meals that can warm you’re heart and bellies.

Again her background and life experience gives Mariana a unique combination to technically, warmly and caring support you through the beginning of the journey of parenthood.

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