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Welcome to the Perfect Push Clinic

The Perfect Push Lactation Support and Parenting Wellness Clinic celebrates its grand opening on Saturday, January 12, 2019 from 12 – 4 p.m.

Over the last three years The Perfect Push has served over 100 families in the greater Seattle area. Thanks to the support of those families and ours, we have grown and are ready to open our very first clinic. The Perfect Push is proud to announce the opening of our Lactation and Parenting Wellness Clinic in Redmond’s Village Square!

“Our focus is on overall family wellness, not just survival,” says Rue Khosa, an advanced registered nurse practitioner, founder of The Perfect Push and mother of two. “For far too long we’ve sold new and expectant parents on survival guides, instead of creating an environment in which new parents can thrive. Yes, bringing home a new baby is as exciting as it is overwhelming, but with the right support and easy access to experienced and passionate providers, many of those anxieties dissipate.”

Over 26,000 babies are born in King County every year. Washington has one of the highest rates of breastfeeding in the nation at 92%, but that number drops drastically shortly after giving birth, falling to just 26% by the 6-month mark. Many women struggle with latching issues, pain, and low milk supply, which can play into the hand of postpartum depression. Women who receive support from a lactation consultant were 43% more likely to continue breastfeeding after the first few months.

“We, medical providers, have done a great job of promoting the benefits of breastfeeding, as evidenced by the high initiation rates. However, we as a society drop the ball when we fail to adequately prepare families on how to breastfeed, and support them throughout the journey,” says Khosa.

The new storefront location for The Perfect Push in Redmond’s Village Square will provide a variety of education and support services, including doula “push” support, breastfeeding support, newborn care services, and comprehensive parent education classes.

“We are creating a space for new parents that is less sterile and more like home, with a living room in place of a waiting area, nurseries instead of exam rooms, and a home office for consultations. We cannot wait to unveil the final product and show our families just how much thought and consideration went into making them feel at home. ”


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