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Spectra Breast Pump

Mom Review: Battle of the Breast Pumps – Spectra Baby vs Medela

A Note From Rue:
I had the pleasure of helping B.B. with a breastfeeding issue during a home visit in November. After noticing the some issues with her Medela Pump-in-Style, I offered her a Spectra S2 pump. All she had to do in return was right an honest review. A few weeks later I received a thorough and well-written review that we’re happy to share.

Mom Review: Medela Pump-in-Style vs. Spectra S2 Pump

This review compares the Medela Pump-In-Style advanced pump and the standard Spectra S2 pump.

I used the Medela pump for two months before trying the Spectra pump. Rue noticed that the Medela was letting out a lot of air, and it turned out the pump was defective. Medela’s customer service was excellent; they sent me a new pump overnight! The suction on the new pump was definitely better, but after a month I noticed that the new pump is starting to let out a lot of air again. That was really disappointing, considering I’d hoped to pump for at least another 8 months.

The Spectra S2 breast pump is more aesthetically pleasing than the Medela, (it’s a light pink and white color vs. the Medela yellow and black design). It also has two features that the Medela does not: a light and a timer. I love both of these features! For late night pumping sessions, the light gives off just the right amount of light so that I can see the bottles without waking my husband or baby. The timer is also fantastic because I never knew how long I pumped with the Medela unless I time it on my phone.

One nice thing about the Medela is the timed two-minute letdown feature. The Spectra will be in the faster letdown speed until you manually switch it over.

Both pumps allow you to adjust the strength of the suction. I pump at maximum suction without any pain, but I find that the Spectra is a more gentle with vibrating suction, whereas the Medela is a stronger, with pulling suction. Both pumps seem to produce the same amount of milk.

I prefer the Spectra’s bottles and valves – they’re better designed than the Medela and thus easier to clean and with lower chance of finding mold in the valve.

Other than the timed letdown feature, I feel that the Spectra is a better, easier to use pump than the Medela. If I could only use one, I would choose the Spectra S2 pump.

Spectra is a The Perfect Push preferred product. We DO NOT receive any monetary compensation from Spectra and they neither solicited this review nor provided the pump. Like all the other products we recommend, we simply love their products based on either personal experience or rave reviews from our moms.