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Genise Dawson

Genise Dawson
Business Program Manager

Ms. Dawson is a Business Program Manager. Her primary role is to drive the inclusion of programs, global sites and partnerships within her business group. Her primary areas of focus are around inclusive hiring, NSBE, and advisor to employee resource groups within the organization.

Genise Dawson joined Microsoft in 2001. She’s worked in a few different areas within the company, most recently being the Business Program Manager for a 17k person organization. Her role encompasses, global site advocacy, inclusive hiring and developing strategic partnerships with organizations that can benefit from the opportunities that Microsoft has to offer.

Ms. Dawson’s charitable service has most recently been in 2017 as an Assistant to the President of the Junior League of Seattle. Prior to that she was an active advisor in the organization where she was able to work with membership and local charities to bring the two organizations together for volunteering shifts, projects and mentorship.

She has chosen to be part of The Perfect Push Foundation due to her passion around seeing women get access to the healthcare services they desire and deserve all over the globe.

Working closely to an executive at a Fortune 50 company has taught her a lot about leadership, executive presence and how to company the size of Microsoft functions. The adversity she has encountered at work and in life has been instrumental in her development, more so than can often be attained through traditional education. Genise’s background has served as very relevant and necessary for any challenge she has taken on.

Genise lives in Redmond, Washington with her son and makes frequent trips to Los Angeles to visit her daughter and granddaughter who are the light of her life.

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