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These pictures are from a hospital in rural Zimbabwe. A woman volunteering at the hospital shared this story:

The photos show a baby fighting for survival in an incubator. There is no hot water in the hospital, so a space heater is set up to heat the room and warm bottles of water for bathing. The rooms are hot and dry rooms because of the old style electrical heaters, which makes it difficult for mothers to stay hydrated. The ward is so exposed to the outside elements so the heaters are the only source of warmth. Mothers must kangaroo-carry their babies most of the time, day and night.

The baby is cup fed because he’s too small to breastfeed. The hospital does not have any nasogastric tubes to tube feed him. Mothers attempt to express milk into cups, but it’s both difficult and exhausting. Last year we gave a mother $2.50 to buy a tube for her baby because she didn’t have the money to buy one herself. The people here don’t have basic consumables that could help save lives. Sadly, the baby in this photo died from complications. This is just one example of an easily preventable infant death.

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