We wholeheartedly believe that thinking about the postpartum period BEFORE your baby arrives is crucial for preparing your family for success. Join us as we take a real look at what life with a baby is like, how your new human will impact your body & emotions, and how to babyproof your relationship.
Topics covered include:

Emotional and physical changes after birth
What you can do NOW to give yourself a solid foundation for the trimester
Changes your body has made to prepare to feed your baby
Caring for your newborn, including identifying RED FLAGS
Equipping partners with the tools and skills to navigate the often turbulent 4th trimester
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Breastfeeding begins before baby. In this class we take a deep dive into getting your baby FED, so that you can feel confident in your ability to nourish your baby and PREPARED to face and embrace your new normal.

Topics covered include:

A review of breastfeeding anatomy and physiology
Tips for success
Common breastfeeding challenges
Bottle feeding
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