Push Support

After seven years of leading Seattle's most exclusive and sought after Doula Service, The Perfect Push will no longer have an in-house doula team. We, instead, are excited to launch our virtual Medical Concierge Service this summer. Push Support. Led by Rue Khosa, "The Boob Boss," our families can continue to enjoy the expert medical support we are renowned for at the PUSH of a button.

To join the waitlist for our Push Support Service, click here.

"My silver lining through COVID was the realization that I could continue to support families without sacrificing precious time with my family. I will miss being a doula and having the doula service, but I am excited to see what the metaverse holds for us."
- Rue Khosa
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Doula Preferred Partners


We are proud to continue to partner with this small but exclusive list of former The Perfect Push Doulas to deliver a comprehensive Push Support team. You may reach out to them directly by clicking the links below to secure services.

Dallas Area - COMING SOON!