Frequently asked questions
Practice FAQs

What type of appointments do you offer?
- Prenatal consult to set you up for breastfeeding success
- Lactation Consults for any issue or concerns you may run into once the baby arrives. If its about a baby and a boob then we are your people.
- Help with getting back to work, pumping or weaning and everything in-between. Many of these issues can be addressed via a virtual consult.

Do you diagnose tongue-ties?
-Yes because we are owned and run by Nurse Practitioners we do diagnose tongue-ties. We will also provide you with a list of preferred providers should you decide to pursue treatment and alternatives if would rather not treat.

Do you communicate with my Pediatrician?
-After every visit with our clinic we will send a report to your pediatrician on file. Please inform us if your baby's provider changes.
Provider Experience FAQ
What is an IBCLC?
- IBCLC stands for International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. The highest accredited healthcare professionals specializing in lactation, IBCLCs are there to give you personalized, expert care. Simply put the IBCLC designation is the gold standard in care.  

Are all your consultants IBCLCs?
- Yes, our consultants are either IBCLCs or IBCLCs in training working together with an experienced IBCLC.

Will I be seen by a provider?
- Yes, every mom and baby will be seen and examined by a Nurse Practitioner during their appointment. The Provider and your IBCLC will work together to come up with a comprehensive, evidence-based plan based on your medical history, assessment, and breastfeeding evaluation. That is The Perfect Push difference.
Appointment FAQ
How can I best prepare for my appointment?
- Check your email for your an invitation to our patient portal. The invitation may go to your spam folder.
- Carefully read through the consents, patient policies and financial policies
- Prior to your appointment, complete ALL the intake forms. All forms MUST completed at least 2hrs prior to your appointment time or you may have to be rescheduled.

Can I get help accessing the intake forms or patient portal?
- YES! Our team is happy to help walk you through the registration process. Please call 510.877.0080 during office hours should you have any questions or concerns.

Billing FAQ
Do you accept insurance?
We DO NOT accept or bill insurance directly, however thanks to the Obama Care Act our services are often partially or completely covered by your insurance provider. After each appointment you will receive a superbill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. You can also access your superbill at anytime through your patient portal.If covered by your provider you can also choose to pay using your FSA or HSA account.

How does your payment policy?
Payment for your visit is due at the time of booking. If this appointment is canceled within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time, you will automatically be charged a $100 cancellation fee, unless you have called or texted me at 510.877.0080 and we have made other arrangements. ** NO CALL, NO SHOWS** will be billed the full appointment fee.

Will insurance cover my visit 100%?
How much of the visit insurance will cover depends on your plan and coverage. Please confirm coverage prior to your visit by calling your insurance provider.
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